Friday, 11 December 2009


The PPOU Program in IKAL has been ongoing for quite some years. It holds an unbelievably splendid track record with students being accepted to top universities in the United States like MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon and so on.

This morning, Iswari Nallisamy juz received confirmation of her acceptance to Cornell class of 2014. Iswari applied for an Early Decision about a month ago. Her acceptance to this prestigious Ivy League school has proved once again that UNITEN is indeed one of the top universities in Malaysia in terms of overseas preparation program.

I would like to express my heartiest congratulation on behalf of all UNITEN students to Iswari Nallisamy. As the first student in UNITEN this year and probably the first in the whole of Malaysia to be accepted this year, Iswari has certainly set the benchmark high.
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